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Criminal Defense Representation From A Former Prosecutor

After an arrest, the first task for a defendant is to find an attorney who can challenge the state’s case against them and defend their due process rights. Knowing the nuances of misdemeanor and felony charges is essential, as is the lawyer’s relationships with judges, prosecutors and other court personnel. Even a low-level charge can threaten a defendant’s freedom and reputation; taking a chance on an inexperienced attorney is a dangerous move.

Carlos Johnson has more than a dozen years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. He has handled state and federal cases and established a strong reputation in the Ohio legal community. His experience as a former Cuyahoga County prosecutor allows him to see a client’s case through the eyes of the prosecution and enables him to establish strong trial or plea negotiation strategies that can reduce or eliminate your legal exposure for a wide range of cases.

How Criminal Cases Are Evaluated

Mr. Johnson’s prosecutorial experience means he is always looking at the strength of the case against a client. Some examples of what he examines for different types of charges include:

  • For a DUI or other type of drunk driving charge, he will examine the police report of the traffic stop, the results of field sobriety tests and how the police handled the testing to determine blood alcohol content.
  • For a white-collar crime such as mortgage fraud, he will review how the data against the client was acquired and the trustworthiness of any witnesses testifying against the client.
  • For drug crimes, he will search for any evidence of an illegal search of a client’s home or car.
  • For theft cases, he will research if there is a dispute over the ownership of the property, or if the client was entrapped.

Other considerations when building a defense include a client’s past criminal record, their age, cooperativeness in larger investigations, or eligibility for diversion programs.

Hire A Defense Lawyer Who Knows The System And The Players

The Law Office of Carlos Johnson leverages Mr. Johnson’s work as a county prosecutor and a probation officer to evaluate your case and fight for the best outcome possible. He represents clients in Cleveland and throughout northeastern Ohio. For a free confidential case evaluation, call 216-930-6475 or email the firm.